Are working mothers better mothers?

Couldn’t agree more.


IMG_5220‘Are working mothers better mothers’ ended up being the title of the tv debate I participated in on ITV Are working mums ‘better’ mums?, 2 Feb 2016.  I had thought it was going to be a conversation about whether stay at home mothers can exist without living vicariously through their children, mollycoddling them, smothering them etc. etc., which was the gist of Nicole Kidman’s comments which kicked off this particular debate.

It wasn’t quite that subtle.  I appreciate the fact that the media has to polarise the debate to provoke reaction but, really?  Are working mums better mums?  It’s a terrible question to discuss, impossible to do justice to in a few minutes and, personally, there is something very condescending to me about being known as a ‘mum’.  It is impossible, in a few soundbite moments of unpredictable but certainly short duration, against a hostile fellow guest, to embark upon…

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First post!

Today I have created my blog! I thank my daughter Emma for encouraging me to do this, as an alternative to what she saw (and I felt) was the way I misused my profile on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. I just want to share ideas – anyone who wants to read what I write is welcome to do so, but my reason for setting up the blog is to help myself. If in writing this blog it turns out to be a mechanism for providing help to others, all well and good. If not, I hope it will prove nevertheless to have been a blessing to me! 🙂